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Full-Length Books

My books can be purchased at any indie bookstore (but you might have to ask them to special order!), directly through their respective publishers (links provided below), or through Amazon. If you cannot afford my books, but really want to read them— please request my titles at your local library! Libraries are amazing & we should all use them more frequently.

Pretty Delicate cover_edited_edited.jpg

Pretty Delicate

2023, AOS Publishing

Cate is by all accounts normal—on the precipice of graduating college, she lives with her boyfriend, goes out with friends, works an unfulfilling grocery store job, and dreams of a better life. A better life that she thinks she will deserve once she has an enviably slim waistline. Setting herself on a dangerous path, and propelled forward by careless comments from those closest to her, Cate doesn't realise she needs help until it’s almost too late. Told in four parts, Pretty Delicate is the story of a young woman’s perseverance through her eating disorder and into something like recovery.

Disappearing in Reverse

2020, University of Calgary Press; Brave & Brilliant Series

Disappearing in Reverse is a mystery, a road novel, and a coming of age story. Blending past and present, the self and the other, it crosses genres and defies categorization to be met and addressed on its own terms. Fearless and vulnerable, unabashed and wounded, this is a story of the liminal places where expectations falter and the unexpected thrives.

DiR Cover_edited.jpg
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