"Cupcake Crumbs." Lida Magazine, no. 1

Aesthetician.” The Fieldstone Review, no. 11

Marianne’s Daughters. Loft on Eighth Press, limited-run chapbook. (contact press for copy)

Cappuccino.” In Medias Res, vol. 23, no. 1

“Evaporation.” Nōd Magazine, no. 22

(print only)

“Merlot.” filling Station Magazine, no. 67

(print only)

Readings / Recordings

Disappearing in Reverse Book Launch, introduction by Aritha van Herk, readings from Naomi Lewis, Lisa Murphy-Lamb, & Erin Vance


"Allie McFarland: Disappearing in Reverse" Interview with Joseph Planta, The Commentary


Other Works

*The ALP On Editing Blog (numerous posts)


"Agency, Invention, and Likeability: Interview with Allie McFarland" by Jesse Holth, PRISM

"Novel(la): Craft, From the Margins. River Volta Review of Books.

Interview with Barbara Langhorst.” River Volta Review of Books


“William Head Penitentiary.” untethered, 4, no. 2

(print only)


Ruminations on Setting...” Boston Accent Lit., no. 8

Lacewings.” Hooligan Magazine, no. 18

*Other poetry found in limited-run chapbooks no longer available

Book Reviews